Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Answer

if there's a thousand miles to where i belong, i will definitely go.
if i can find the righteous, i will definitely work hard to get it.
if you are the answers to my questions,
I will definitely gonna find you.

thousand of cherry blossom petals fall down, same goes to human.
lives and dies every single day
but will i ever find the righteous answers after all.

if you can find the answer
i will follow you.
i will protect you.
i will guard you from anything
that might stop your way
because i need to know the answer
of Love.

walked at darkest of road.
ordinary always.
seems like nothing can lead me
to where i want to be.
maybe i slipped my eyes to see the answer
that is why i need you
to lead the way for me
and could be, you are the answer of all.

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